Basanti Tamang

Basanti Tamang a resident of Thakre Rural Municipality of Dhading district is a returnee migrant worker from Lebanon, who worked abroad four and half years as a housemaid in the year 2013. After returning from foreign employment, she did not have any earning job rather than daily household chores, she depended fully on her husband’s income. She was desperate for self- employment or work on wages to financially support the family.On 10th June 2017, Basanti Tamang came to know about the vocational and entrepreneurship development training through pre-training orientation which was organized in Hotel Highway Heaven- Thakre- Dhading. She was selected by the selection committee to undergo the training program. She was put through the vocational skills and entrepreneurship training program held at Simle- Dhading from 19th July, 2017 to 10th October, 2017.

According to her, during the course of training at some point she thought she wouldn’t be able to pick up the training as other trainees since she did not have basic level of education. But the continuous support and motivation from F-SKILL helped me to build my confidence and believe in myself.

On successful completion of the training program she decided to start the business and invested Rs. 70,000/- with the support from her husband and started a tailor shop, her tailoring shop is currently under registration process. She provides services such like stitching and repair and has provided some space for display and sale of crystal handicraft made by other participants of F-Skill. Initially, she faced the problem of funds and experience but now her business is slowly picking up. She wants to expand her business and has requested additional training.

F-skill has selected Basanti Tamang for 1 month refresher training which will start from March 2018.

Lastly, she said, “I did not know anything about tailoring before; this is the first time that I operated a machine. I use to be afraid even to talk to strangers but now I feel confident. I believe that I can earn a living through my tailoring business. My husband is also very supportive and helps me with calculation. I would like to thank UN Women- Nepal and F-SKILL for tailoring training for returnee women workers like me.”

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