Electrical Repair
and Maintenance

Assistant Electrician
Assistant Electrician

Duration of course: 4 Weeks
Total training hours: 208 Hours
Minimum qualification of the participant: At least completed grade 5 (With basic reading and writing ability)
Target group: Age 19-35
Medium of instruction: Nepali and English
Method: 1:10 ratio
Group structure: 20 participants per training

  • Acquaint with basic terminologies used for electrical work
  • Familiarize with signals, symbols, diagrams and letter code used for electrical wiring
  • Understand the personal protection including the use of related safety gears and equipments
  • Completely understand the safety rules and regulations for handeling electrical tools, equipment and materials
  • learn to test, install,repair and maintain old electrical wiring and equipments.
  • learn to install electrical devices and light fitting/panel
  • Perform house wiring
  • Identify and handle various tools and equipment used in electrical field such as:
    • Select appropriate electrical measuring devices to examine electrical units for power interruptions/continuity.
    • Select electrical devices such as starters, circuit breakers, realays as per equipment
    • Select and handle appropriate hand and power tools for establishing/terminating electrical connections as per requirement.
Emphasis of the course

The course is based on skill development. This course stresses on performance execution through capacity development. On an average, 80% of the course duration is allocated for practical knowledge and rest 20% is allocated for theoretical knowledge to participants.

Expected outcome
  • At least 60% marks in theory
  • 80% marks in practical
  • Minimum 80% in Theory
  • Minimum 90% in Practical
Training methodology
  • 80% practical
  • 20% theory
  • Practical knowledge will evaluated through practical skill test and Theoritical knowledge will be evaluated through VIVA.
  • The participants must obtain 60% marks in theory and 80% marks in practical exams.
Qualification of a trainer

1 head trainer and 1 assistant trainer(for Head Trainer : Diploma in Civil Engineering or degree in related fieldd with atleast a year experience as a trainer) for Assistant Trainer : at least 2 years of working experience in the garment/ tailoring field. Both the head and the assistant trainer must have a minimum of 1 week training from TOT.

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