Cutting, Tailoring & Dress Making
Cutting, Tailoring & Dress Making

Duration of course: 4 Weeks
Total training hours: 160 Hours
Minimum qualification of the participant: At least completed grade 8
Target group:
Medium of instruction: Nepali and English
Method: 1:10 ratio
Group structure: 20 participants per training

  • Know the basic working methodology of garment machinery
  • Concept of garment and tailoring
  • Complete understanding of the safety rules applicable in Garment and Tailoring
  • Familiarize with the basic terminologies related to Garment and Tailoring
  • Identify and handle various tools and equipment used in cutting and tailoring such as:
    • Learn to use the measuring tape and L-Scale
    • Changing needles
    • Putting thread in the needles
    • Changing bobbin case ad filling thread in the bobbin
    • Control of foot pressure
    • Adjusting stitch regulator
    • Removal of tangled thread
    • Making patterns , stiching, finishing, Designing and drafting
    • Changing the machine oil
    • Learn to stich following patterns : (Straight, Square, Zigzag, Triangle, Circle , Placing pocket, over-lock, ironing).
Emphasis of the course

The course is based on skill development. This course stresses on performance execution through capacity development. On an average, 80% of the course duration is allocated for practical knowledge and rest 20% is allocated for theoretical knowledge to participants.

Expected outcome
  • At least 60% marks in theory
  • 80% marks in practical
  • Minimum 80% in Theory
  • Minimum 90% in Practical
Wage employment

Can get employment as cutter/tailor/checker/designers in garment manufacturing industries/tailoring shops/tailoring units in govt. sector of public sectors like jails /hospitals etc. can get employments as instructor in educational institutes.

Training methodology
  • 80% practical
  • 20% theory

Practical knowledge will evaluated through practical skill test and Theoritical knowledge will be evaluated through VIVA.

Qualification of a trainer

1 head trainer and 1 assistant trainer(for Head Trainer : Diploma in Garment/ Tailoring with atleast a year experience as a trainer) for Assistant Trainer : at least 2 years of working experience in the garment/ tailoring field. Both the head and the assistant trainer must have a minimum of 1 week training from TOT.

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