Steel Fixter
Assistant Bar Bender & Steel Fixer
Assistant Bar Bender & Steel Fixer

Duration of course: 4 Weeks
Total training hours: 208 Hours
Minimum qualification of the participant: With basic reading and writing ability
Target group: Age 19-35
Medium of instruction: Nepali and English
Method: 1:10 ratio
Group structure: 20 participants per training

  • Know the basic working methodology of Steel fixing
  • Familiarize with basic terminologies related to fixture instrument
  • Completely understand the safety rules and reulation for handeling steel fixure machinery and equipments.
  • Acquaint with all type of work related to steel fixtureIdentify and handle various tools and equipment used in steel fixture such as:
    • Different types of rebar as per instructions
    • Use hand tools such as lever, hook, measurement tape, gauge, sledge, hammer, chisel, and other related tools.
    • Safe Handling and Inspection of Materials.
    • Use bending machine for rebar bending using different types of bushes and other accessories.
    • Ropes and Knots.
    • Use different types of slings, shakles and lifting belts.
Emphasis of the course

The course is based on skill development. This course stresses on performance execution through capacity development. On an average, 80% of the course duration is allocated for practical knowledge and rest 20% is allocated for theoretical knowledge to participants.

Expected outcome
  • At least 60% marks in theory
  • 80% marks in practical
  • Minimum 80% in Theory
  • Minimum 90% in Practical
Training methodology
  • 80% practical
  • 20% theory
  • Practical knowledge will evaluated through practical skill test and Theoritical knowledge will be evaluated through VIVA.
  • The participants must obtain 60% marks in theory and 80% marks in practical exams.
Qualification of a trainer

1 head trainer and 1 assistant trainer(for Head Trainer : Diploma in Civil Engineering or degree in related fieldd with atleast a year experience as a trainer) for Assistant Trainer : at least 2 years of working experience in the garment/ tailoring field. Both the head and the assistant trainer must have a minimum of 1 week training from TOT.

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