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Leading  service provider in the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) sector of Nepal. More than 30,000 persons from disadvantaged groups have been provided vocational training.

F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd. started as a project of HELVETAS Nepal, founded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in 2002. The project period lasted till 2006, after which F-SKILL project transformed into F-SKILL Pvt. Ltd.

F-SKILL project was initiated by HELVETAS & SDC in 2002 to scale-up and replicate the short-term, mobile training models tied to employment linkage which proved successful with the SKILL Nepal Project.

With the F-SKILL project , the mobile training model was able to be repliated throughout Nepal through the franchising concept wherein private training providers were mobilized to deliver training as franchises of F-SKILL.

While the franchising model continues present, F-SKILL has started implementing training services directly in all locations throughout Nepal. These include projects: EEVNT/World Bank, EF-SR/HELVETAS, SABAL/Save the Children.

F-SKILL has been providing & and employment services since 2006 Pioneer in scaling up short-term training throughout Nepal Over 35,000 youths trained in 45 trades in all districts. Network of training for donor agencies, NGOs and Nepal government agencies: Employment Fund (EF) & Safer Migration Project (SaMi)/HELVETAS Swiss in cooperation Nepal, World Vision, PACT & Education for Income Generation Project (EIG)/USAID, Training for VMLRs(former combatants)/UNIRP,

F-SKILL’s goal is to become the leader in providing high quality vocational training and will continue to strive to be a leading service provider in Nepal’s TVET sector. F-SKILL will develop new products and innovative approaches to training by working with local partners and international organizations. F-SKILL will continue to provide high quality counselling and soft-skills to training graduates, potential migrants and returnee migrants.


F-SKILL will be recognized as the leading organization providing employment oriented technical and vocational training for disadvantaged youth in Nepal.


To provide livelihood opportunities for disadvantaged youth.


The base of success of F-SKILL is the higher rate of employment of the training graduates.


Provide vocational skills training and employment, soft skills trainings, enterprise development programs and training packages development.

our Services

Vocational Skills Training and Employment

Soft Skills Trainings

Enterprise Development Programs

Training Packages Development


  • Focus on employment
  • Poor and disadvantaged groups prioritized in participant selection
  • Development and regular updates of training packages
  • Demand-driven, market-led mobile training
  • Social aspects included in all training: gender, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, legal aid and labor rights
  • Entrepreneurial skills included in training course
  • Income verification of training participants before and after training
  • Outcome based financing
  • During and post training monitoring

More about F-SKILL

F-skill’s core business

F-SKILL’s core business is delivering quality employment-oriented training to economically poor and socially discriminated groups, specially Dalits, Janajatis, women and youth affected by the conflict.

Social and gender-inclusive approach

Poor participants from disadvantaged groups – Dalits, Janajatis, women and conflict affected – are given priority in participant selection.

Project phase success

Following the projet phase of F-SKILL (2002 – 2006), over 86% of F-SKILL trainees were found in gainful employment after six month of training completion. An independent tracer study conducted in 2007 confirmed the hight employment rate.

Differential pricing approach for participant selection

F-SKILL pays its franchiesees higher incentives for training participants from most discriminated and conflict affected groups.

Our team

To ensure the quality of the projects, FSKILL relies on the consulting services of Philanthropy Advisors, a strategic philanthropy consulting firm established by humanitarian professionals

Dr. Sunit Adhikari
Executive Director
Samsher KC
Health Counselor
Shiva Rana Bhatt
District Coordinator - Nepalgunj
Er. Aftab Hashmi
Civil Engineer
Bitra Rai
Psychological Counselor
Laxmi Thakuri
Cook & Cleaner
Sharmila Maharjan
Finance & Admin Officer
Asmita Prasai
Finance Assistant
Samita Sharma
Health and Life Skill Counselor
Rukesh Ghimire
District Coordinator - Dhading
Nirupama Ghimire
Program Officer
Yunusha Kafle Paudel
Program Associate
Kum Bahadur Gurung
Program Manager
Sushant Harsha Bajracharya
Business Development Coordinator
Pramila Lama
Sangeeta Tamang
Social Development Officer
Nutan Shah
Front Desk Officer
Kancha Tamang
Security Guard

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