Education For Income Generation Project Nepal (EIG)


Program Description

The goal of the EIG project was to mitigate conflict by training targeted marginalized youth for employment in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal. F-SKILL was the implementing partner for Component 2 – Increased vocational training and employment opportunities for targeted youth.

F-SKIll implemented trainings in all districts of the Mid-West region.

Technical trainings in following sub-sectors were delivered, contributing to strengthened & diversified livelihoods:

  • Construction (masonry , carpentry etc.) with embedded DRR component, Hospitality(ex. sweet & snacks maker), Tailoring/Garment making, Health (beautician).


  • Percentage of trainees who successfully completed training and were gainfully employed: 3044 (82%);
  • Total no. of trainees : 3705
  • Avg. income earned: approx. Rs. 4100 per month

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