Program Description

Employment Fund (EF) is a national level program implemented by HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation Nepal which supports the skills training of poor and socially discriminated youths in order to link them to gainful employment.

In addition to technical skills training, F-SKILL provides life skills, literacy & numeracy and post training support for micro-enterprise creation.

Technical trainings in following sub-sectors were delivered, contributing to strengthened & diversified livelihoods:

Construction (masonry, carpentry etc) with embedded DRR component, Hospitality, Tailoring/Garment, Health (beautician), Automobile, Electronics, Electrical works, Handicraft, Leather goods & products, Mechanical, Printing, Textile


  • Percentage of trainees who successfully completed training and were gainfully employed: 12,907 trainees(85%)
  • Total no. of trainees: 15,129 trainees

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