Program Description

The main objective of this project is to expand the supply of skilled and employable labor by increasing access to quality training programs, and by strengthening the technical and vocational education and training system in Nepal. The project emphasizes in increasing access to technical education and vocational training (TEVT) programs for disadvantaged youth especially poor, living in lagging regions, female, dalit, marginalized janajatis and people with disability through targeting and other inclusive processes.

F-Skill is one of the selected training service providers to implement technical skills training and related soft skills packages.

Technical training in following sub-sectors were delivered, contributing to strengthened & diversified livelihoods:

Constructions (Mason, Furniture, Tile Marble) with embedded DRR component, Dress Maker, Handmade Paper


  • Number of trainings provided:
    2012-13: 197
    2013-14: 158
    2014-15: 400
  • Total no. of trainees: 755

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