SAFER Migration Project (SaMi)


Program Description

SaMi is a bilateral initiative of the Government of Nepal and the Government of Switzerland. The overall goal of SaMi is the safer and more beneficial migration for women and men, who choose to go for migration. F-SKILL is in charge of providing vocational skill training to encourage semi-skilled (rather than unskilled) migration and linking traines with job placement providers. Additionally, F-SKILL provides counseling sessions on family management, legal aspects, documents required for foreign employment, information on destination countries, money management, and future planning for potential migrants. Rescue measures taken to bring back 15 participants who were observed to be in exploitative working conditions. Tracing center is based in Kathmandu.


  • In the first phase (2012-2013), 795 disadvantaged migrants completed skills trainings.
  • Second phase (2012-2014) 790 trained.
  • Third phase training for 800.
  • Fourth phase for 68 (2019) 
  • Fifth phase training (2019-2022) for 500 participants.
  • The employment rate is 77%.
  • 23 returnee migrant women trained.
  • Higher income earned by trainees (average monthly basis salary NRs. 22,500). Curriculums developed as per overseas need on Industrial Electrician, Plumbing, Scaffolding, Shutering Carpentry, Steel Fixture, Building Electrician, Mason, awareness package for potential migrants. Trainings provided on the same.
  • Curriculum developed on Health education focusing on most common health problems faced by migrants.

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