Shyam Kumar Shrestha, Participant of Mobile Phone Repairer Training

Shyam Kumar Shrestha, a person with disability (PwD), was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a PwD, who has both legs impaired and who can walk only with the help of crutch, he was unable to find any job that was not physical demanding. His family owned a small retail shop, which was also almost closed due to the pandemic. He was looking for skill development opportunity that was disable-friendly. In this context, when he knew about the mobile phone repair training through the municipality office, he registered his interest to participate in it. During trainee selection interview, he showed his interest for participating in the training with clear plan of how he would utilize his skills after completion of the training. He was selected for the training and attended the training seriously. He worked hard to learn the everyday lessons even after training hours and explored more through YouTube. Following his dream, he registered a mobile phone repair shop with the Gokarneshwor Municipality, Ward No. 4 office. However, he is struggling to manage the required tools/equipment and materials for starting up his business. He was expecting some seed money support from UNESCO or other agencies to support his business start-up. He is also considering to take a loan from financial institution, but is not much aware about the process. F-SKILL is coordinating with the Ward Office to support him in coping with this financial crisis for starting his business.

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