Sustainable Action Resilience Food Security Sabal


Program Description

F-Skill Pvt Ltd signed the short term professional services (time and material) agreement with save the children whereby F-skill Pvt Ltd provides and manage number of technical trainings and employment linkages under sub-sector livelihood out of three thematic areas that is livelihood and agriculture, health and nutrition, and climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction of Sustainable Action for Resilience and Food Security (Sabal).

  • Empower individuals and local organizations, and facilitate market access to increase resilience and improve access to economic opportunities
  • Strengthen farm-to-market links, encourage investment, improve access to inputs and agricultural services, and increase off-farm income
  • Promote diversified livelihood opportunities, including masonry and other relevant housing reconstruction skills
  • Improve financial literacy, increase savings, and promote productive investment of remittance income
  • Strengthen women’s participation in decision-making

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