Vocational Skill Training to COVID-19 Affected Communities


Program Description

The agreement between UNESCO Kathmandu Office and F-SKILL Pvt.  Ltd. was signed to provide sort-term vocational and skill trainings on Carpentry/Furniture Making and Mobile Phone Repairer for vulnerable community members affected by COVID-19, including migrants, women, and other marginalized, socially excluded and disadvantaged group working in the informal sector. The main aim of the trainings was to enhance vocational skills and knowledge of the vulnerable community members affected by COVID-19, thus capacitating them to develop self-confidence and skills to get self/employment in the market. The trainings were started from 14 October 2020 and completed on 17 December 2020.  A total of 32 COVID-19 affected youths participated in the training, which was conducted in Gokarneshwork Municipality, Kathmandu. 

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