Scaffolding Training (3 Weeks)
Scaffolding Training (3 Weeks)

Duration of course: 3 Weeks
Total training hours: 159 Hours ( 136 hr practical/23 hr theory)
Minimum qualification of the participant: With basic reading and writing ability
Target group: Age 19-35
Medium of instruction: Nepali and English
Method: 1:10 ratio
Group structure: 20 participants per training

  • Know the basic working methodology of Scaffolding
  • Management of scaffolding work place and ground preparation
  • Erect, dismantle and maintain various types of scaffolding including system scaffold and mobile tower scaffolds at specified height.
  • Interpretation of simple drawings
  • Familiarize with the basic terminologies related to scaffolding.
  • Completely understand the safety rules and regulation for handeling and storing required scaffolding tools, equipments and materials .
  • Identify and handle various tools and equipment used in scaffolding such as:
    • Statutory Regulations and Codes of Practice.
    • different types and uses of tube, fittings and boards.
    • Safe Handling and Inspection of Materials.
    • Safe Use and Inspection of Safety Harnesses.
    • Ropes and Knots.
    • Assessing Material requirements for basic scaffolds

The course is based on skill development. This course stresses on performance execution through capacity development. On an average, 80% of the course duration is allocated for practical knowledge and rest 20% is allocated for theoretical knowledge to participants.

  • At least 60% marks in theory
  • 80% marks in practical
  • 80% practical
  • 20% theory
  • Practical knowledge will evaluated through practical skill test and Theoritical knowledge will be evaluated through VIVA.
  • The participants must obtain 60% marks in theory and 80% marks in practical exams.

1 head trainer and 1 assistant trainer(for Head Trainer : Diploma in Civil Engineering or degree in related fieldd with atleast a year experience as a trainer) for Assistant Trainer : at least 2 years of working experience in the garment/ tailoring field. Both the head and the assistant trainer must have a minimum of 1 week training from TOT.

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