Plumber (General)
Plumber (General)

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Plumber (General)”, in the ”Plumbing” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner. This course encompasses four out of four National Occupational Standards (NOS) of “Plumber (General)” Qualification Pack issued by “SSC: Indian Plumbing Skills Council”.

Minimum qualification of the participant: With basic reading and writing ability
Target group: Age 19-35
Medium of instruction: Nepali and English
Method: 1:10 ratio
Group structure: 20 participants per training


5th Class/Standard pass (To be revised to 10th Class/Standard post 31st December, 2017). In lieu of minimum qualification candidate has worked as a unskilled helper for minimum period of two years in the same role.


After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand pre-installation related activities involving understanding of the task, material preparation, taking measurements and marking the positions.
  • Install pipes and sanitary fixtures, basic quality check of the installed fittings and fixtures, testing, commissioning and handover activities.
  • Understanding the installed system, basic inspection and identification of the fault in the system.
  • Repair like replacement etc. with minimal damage to other systems.
  • Receive work instructions, discuss task status and receive feedback.
  • Interact with colleagues within and outside the team.
  • Communicate and discuss work flow, problems faced, possible solutions and pass on the learning within and outside the team.
  • Report to senior about process flow improvements that can reduce anticipated or repetitive hazards with regards to:-
    • Mishandling of tools and equipment.
    • Electrical or any other problem at the construction site that could result in accident.
  • Maintain healthy and safe at secure working environment.
  • Undertake work independently, be a good team player, be a competent listener for taking instructions.

To impart training on Plumber General. The core responsibility includes enhancement of knowledge, refining of understanding and improvement in performance of the trainees. Train the plumbers for installation and repair of basic plumbing systems including those of advanced sanitary fixtures as per manufacturer’s specifications in housing, commercial and institutional setups.


A Plumber Trainer should be free from socio-economic preferences and prejudice. He/ she should be well aware of new trends, products and techniques in the market. Besides being knowledgeable, he/ she should be energetic, motivating, innovative and good at communication. The trainer should be able to establish rapport with the trainees and employ innovative methods to impart instructions.


Passed 10th Class or Standard of Central or State Board of Education or equivalent as notified by Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.


“IPSC Certification in Plumber (General)II NSQF level 4 QP Ref Id : PSC/0110, Version 1.0 or equivalent QP with a minimum score of 70 percent”


“ITI Certificate in plumbing trade with IPSC Certification in Plumber (General) NSQF Level 4 QP Ref Id : PSC/0110, Version 1.0 with a minimum score of 70 percent”


“Diploma or Degree in Civil or Mechanical Engineering from a recognised institute or university or equivalent qualification as notified by Ministry of Human Resources, Govt. of India with an IPSC Certification in Plumber ( General) NSQF Level 4 QP Ref Id : PSC/0110, Version 1.0 with a minimum score of 70 percent”


Recommended that the Trainer is certified for the Job Role: “Trainer”, mapped to the Qualification Pack QP Ref Id : SSC/Q1402, Version 1.0 approved by NSDC/NSDA with a minimum accepted score of 60 percent in aggregate.


IPSC Certificate: 3 years.
ITI in plumbing trade: 4 years.
Diploma or Degree holders or equivalent in engineering: NIL.

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